Conservation of Biodiversity

The most important point of environmental ethics is for conserving biodiversity. The following assertions based on the intrinsic value of species are important for conservation of biodiversity and protecting the ecosystem.

(i) Each species of plants and animals has the right to exist. Each species has values for its own sake, an intrinsic value unrelated to human needs. So, for our need and comfort we should not disturb them.

(ii) All species are interdependent. The loss of one species may have for reaching consequences for other members of the community. Killing of animals for the sake of sport or meat disturbs the whole food chain and ultimately adversely affects that ecosystem.

(iii) Human beings must limit their greed for self prestige and power; and learn to live within the same ecological limitations as the other species do.

(iv) People must take responsibility for their actions. If some organisations or individuals are responsible for polluting the environment, they must take corrective measures.

(v) People have a responsibility for future generation. In all of our actions we must think of keeping the planet clean and should not waste limited resources at least those resources which are non-renewable.

(vi) A respect for human life and ethnic diversity is compatible with respect for biodiversity.


2 thoughts on “Conservation of Biodiversity

  1. you have definitely bringing up some sincere issues which are thinkable …hope your article ….bring the awareness and notice people.

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