Child Abuse through Reality Shows

Childhood is the golden period of man’s life. They need love and care for their growth and development. However, child abuse is the tragic irony of our life. Children participating in the so called reality shows has become the only religion of today’s world. For some parents, money is more important to be earned, no matter how it comes. Even at the cost of exploitation of children. Of late there has been a mushrooming of reality shows. Most of them feature children of tender age. Money tempts the parents to send their children while children have to undergo lot of incovenience and sufferings. Parents forget that it is a sin as well as a crime to earn money at the cost of their children. The children sacrifice the innocence and joy of their childhood and neglect their studies. They are forced to burden the responsibility which are meant only for the adults. They have to dance and sing at the tune of the organizers. They forget to enjoy the bliss of childhood. It is a crying shame for parents.

So, I think, this evil practice should be stopped with all sincerity and strictness.


4 thoughts on “Child Abuse through Reality Shows

  1. you have definitely brought up some sincere issues which are thinkable ….hope your article bring the awareness and notice to people…

  2. Indeed, Khanindra. The so called ‘reality shows’ (and many other ones on TV, ‘real’ or otherwise) are surely abusive in character—to the children, values, sanity.. (you name it).

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