The Prevailing Silent War

An abrupt noise had broken my sleep. I got up from my bed at a leap and tried to infer the source from where it had occured. I inquired every nook and corner of my room but I could hardly find out anything.

It was a bright and hot sunny noon when I was just going through a magazine drowsingly at a chair in a corner of my varandah before I came into my room to have a cool sleep. But my plan went in vain. I came out of my room rushingly but found nothing. In the meantime, I had heard some unusual parlences in the street that went in front of my hovel. I went out in search of the source from where the utterances were coming. I was perplexed when I found a crowd encircling a corpse of an unknown boy. Out of my curiosity, I entered the crowd and asked someone in the crowd what had happened to the boy. A horrible reply came in a second from the other side. He had been shot down by two biker boys.

But what the reason was! The reason remained unrevealed…….


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